What is HotNews?


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Using HotNews to promote your product may violate copyright laws. Since HotNews may contain sensitive and confidential information, use of the content may be a violation of copyright laws. Similarly, using live events or videos without permission is considered infringement. However, copyright laws do not preclude the use of hot news in most situations. All you need to do is give proper attribution to the original creator of the content if you want to use the news.

HotNews is a news feed that contains news and updates about SAP products. The service is updated frequently and includes filters for IT professionals. Developers can subscribe to new module updates, bug fixes, and new features, which are important to know for implementing a SAP product. The newsletter also contains links to Important Notes (INFs), which are documents that explain new features and functionality in SAP products. This is particularly useful for new versions of SAP products.

Romanians may also find HotNews useful for breaking news and opinion pieces. Founded in 1918, HotNews has been publishing news content in Romania for over a decade. It features news articles, opinion pieces, video documentaries, and videos in Romanian, Russian, and English. Subscribe to the website’s RSS feed and keep up to date on news stories. The website has over two million unique visitors a month, and is still growing!

SAP Notes, which contain legal changes, consulting information, and SAP hotfixes, are also included in HotNews. Notes are also categorized based on their priority. Notes with higher priorities are more critical, and note-like entries may not be as important. Notes containing minor corrections or non-urgent changes may be lower priority. The same applies to SAP Notes. HotNews can also include SAP Notes containing important details of a primary application area or subarea.